Ministry Stories

One of the most exciting parts of being where God is at work is sharing the stories of His faithfulness, of Him at work in people's lives. It's a constant reminder, looking back and seeing how lives have been changed, that our "labor in the Lord is not in vain!" (I Cor 15:58) It's amazing to see how He not only changes the lives of those who come down on shorterm missions teams but how He uses them to leave a lasting impact in the people, in the churches here in Mexico.

Though it is easy to look back see the projects completed, the walls painted, the buildings constructed, the yards cleaned, even the mouths fed, and the children with whom we've connected, the stories in these pages are much more about God at work in people's lives.

Top Ministry Stories

It's always exciting to see God moving and to hear the stories behind the projects. Though a lot of the ministry takes on physical forms, from buildings to food and clothing, these are mere doorways through which we pray we can meet their spiritual needs. Check out some of the ways that God has been moving this year.

From Pallets to Pallace - Iglesia de Dios, Pastor Pablo

Updated May 31, 2011

After more than two years of working hand in hand with the congregation of Iglesia de Dios both a pastoral house and a beautiful new sanctuary have been completed.

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A New House for Ilse - Fatima, Pastor Raphael

Updated Aprill, 2013

Ilse was wed last year in may. It was a great celebration as she stood with her new godly man, a man that was indeed sent by God to look after her and her sons. They since have had another son. It is a delight to watch them ministering with Pastor Juana's family in Fatima.

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Mini-stories - little glimpses of highlights and updates

Updated June 3, 2011

Various stories and snippets of highlights and updates of ministry and things happening at Casa de Esperanza.

Last june Agustine and my self travelled to Jalisco for a prosthetic to be made for his left eye ball. It was a huge success and so interesting as the lens was hand painted to reach every qualification possible. Since june, augustine returned having the prosthetic fine tuned to look even more natural. We are so thankful to everyone in Canada and the US who made this happen.

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More Ministry Stories

For those who have both been a blessing and been blessed by serving their brothers and sisters here in Mexico, these are your stories! It's always encouraging to look back to see what God has done in our lives and also in the lives of those around us. These are just some of the stories.

Pastor Omar & Cristina - Empalme

There are many lives who have been touched by this awesome pastor couple! For the last number of years we have been working with them in their desire to reach out to their community, one of the poorest areas of neighboring Empalme.

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Pastor Rafael & Marisela - Fatima

Over the past year we have had the privilege of working with this wonderful pastor couple and have witnessed their passion for the Lord, for the community in which they live and especially for the many children.

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The Church at Batacosa

What can be explained only as divine intervention, God led us to the little community of Batacosa, about a three hour drive from the mission center. The transformation that has taken place in this little town since can also only be attributed to God Himself.

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